The Power of Accessories

Accessories does wonders to change your look instantly. Unlike miniskirts and skinny jeans which are unsafe. Once you gain a few pounds they’ll show it all.

But shoes, necklaces and bags will never do that to you. Famous style icons have always understood the power of accessories, Kate Middleton and her hats, Jackie Onassis and her glasses.

You don’t have to don an ethereal dress, just add a bright detail and you’re in the center of attention.

Accessories should be chosen artistically, pieces that are important to you, like family heirloom. And don’t overdo. Don’t mix massive necklace with hoop earrings together, or plenty of bangles and chunky rings.

My daughter picked this necklace for me, a piece that I would never have picked myself, but it really compliment the simplicity of my work clothes.