Designer With a Vision, Kate Mensah

My trip to Paris made me realize why Parisians have a reputation of being incredibly well-attired. Surprisingly, it is not about the haute couture but regardless where they are, in the streets, cafes, Métros, Parisian women are very creative and dressed in their own personal ways from conservative, bohemian, even Goth combining colors and patterns that are very extraordinary and never dictated by mainstream retailers or fashion magazines. I don’t see labels or brands either as it is considered a crass behavior there.

What makes them so stylish and attractive is their individuality, the beauty in their differences. Everyone dresses in their own ways, everyone looked different. They simply put together their own individual styles that works for them that makes them stylish, not outmoded.

I also didn’t see any athletic wear. The most casual I’ve seen was sneakers and jeans with flattering cut. Without exception no matter what size, shape or height their clothes seemed to fit properly. Even flowing fabrics fit. Having their outfit tailored is a common thing.

And that is what Seattle based French designer, Kate Mensah is all about. Kate, the winner of 2011 Seamless in Seattle’s Best Evening Wear – see my article here – brings a breath of fresh air to Seattle with her French flair understanding the idea of women dressing up to bring their individual beauty.

Her designs are all of the above, the diversity, uniqueness, and well tailored pieces to fit in all the right places made with fabrics that emphasize in femininity and sensuality, revealing women’s most beautiful curves like neck, shoulder, back, arms, waists, and legs. The variety of her collection is very impressive from a bodice dress, knee length dresses, gown, tops, skirts, even a cape and jumper.

Last Saturday October 27, Kate opened her showroom in Kirkland waterfront in a very extravagant way. Welcomed by Kate herself, her adorable son and Cynarah Alcantara of Fashion Network Seattle and the Marketing power behind Kate Mensah brand.
Guests were immediately served with chilled champagne, wines, and an array of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Special pricing and complimentary alterations were offered on the day of the opening as well.

The exclusive space had two racks of her Fall 2012 collection that really shows Kate’s vision of bringing the power of women’s intuition, mystery, and natural beauty and a preview of her 2013 Spring collection.
The showroom will be used for meeting with retail buyers, custom order clients by appointments.

Kate’s Fall collection will also now be available at David-Lawrence boutique at the Bravern, a prestigious shopping location in Bellevue and coming up other locations in the Seattle area.

Kate shared with me an exciting news of her boutique opening in Paris, Spring 2013 and currently working on her Fall 2013 collection which promises to offer even more beautiful, elegant and sensual options in the Kate’s signature natural fabrics.

To learn more about Kate Mensah’s collection visit her website.