Leather Everywhere

Happy Friday Night my lovely readers. I hope you are enjoying whatever you do tonight and the rest of the weekend.

Time flies. It seems Monday was just yesterday. And just like that, the weekend is here.

Just like fashion. One day it’s here and the next season it’s gone.

However, leather continues to shine this season. You see it everywhere. One that used to be somewhat masculine, now a chic ensemble to every fashion. From skirts, blouses and coats you see a touch of leather everywhere.

I’m loving it. Pick up a style that suits you the most. There is nothing more attractive than a woman owning a trend that suits her style. Women who love its confident, creative, and vivacious spirit. Women who expresses her best self.

When in doubt, always keep in mind, will the style you want compliment your body, will it last a long time, or will it match with your wardrobe? Make sure each piece features luxurious styling and is created with meticulous attention to detail.

Chic women know they’re wearing something extraordinary: beautiful, singular designs that keep them on fashion’s leading edge.

Style is fun and easy. Know fashion: the looks, the trends, the runway buzz, and how to put everything from an outfit, to an entire sustainable wardrobe together.
And most of all, spend what you can afford.

I love this monochrome look of the winter coat with the leather trim. And I usually mix Black & White with nude pink lips.

Sweet and Simple.