Saturday Night Outfit, Silk Blouse & White Pants

“Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick.” Diane Keaton This Saturday Night outfit is an extension of my Weekend Outfit here. I really love the idea of Mix and Match from… Continue reading

Weekend Outfit, Blue Cardigan & White Pants

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” — Yves Saint Laurent I always believe the number one rule in dressing… Continue reading

Tunic for Fall

“Always be the first version of yourself and not a second version of someone else” This is my version of a unique style, it is something that is completely out of the ordinary.… Continue reading

Fur Vest

Fall mornings are so beautiful and so quiet. I can sit down and enjoy my green tea for hours watching the sun comes out and touch the ground, the trees with its golden… Continue reading

Cheetah Print and Leather

What are the essentials in clothing? Pants, blouse and dress. That is all you need. Imagine you have a few pants like jeans, black, nude or white pants. A few blouses in silk,… Continue reading

Tartan Skirt

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I found out that one might be accustomed to the same style, and keep bringing it over and over again. Certain style just keeps appearing on a daily… Continue reading

White Pants

HAPPY MONDAY MORNING! Fashion is character, personality. It is an excitement to share with others your individual style. It is not about where you bought it from, it’s about your creativity in putting… Continue reading

Soft Surroundings

What comes to to mind on a mellow Sunday afternoon and what to wear? The sun seems to shy away and the temperature keeps going down. All I want is to bundled up… Continue reading

Saturday Night Affair

Who doesn’t love Saturday night? A night of release from daily mundane and you get get a bit of more freedom, a bit of more fun and know that you can still curled… Continue reading

A Touch of Leather Everywhere

Happy Friday. I have been looking forward to today, as I am attending monthly Women of Wisdom luncheon, one of my favorite event to go to, see here. The look I am putting… Continue reading