Kimono & Makeover

My favorite make up artist Raissa Angelica and I decided to do an Asian inspired exotic  hair and make up look.  We are trying to get as close as we can to the “Gyaru” look but in a more subtle manner. I know I am past the age for “Gyaru” look but I love the idea of big animated eyes and hair.

Gyaru  a Japanese transliteration for Gal in English is a type of style that is popular among young women in Japan, a very glamorous, feminine, and sexy. It is generally worn with the intention of being flawlessly glamorous and desirable. The style emphasis on the eyes, enlarging and enhancing them with circular contact lenses and several sets of false eyelashes. The hair is always styled in curls.

I was wearing my favorite Kimono dress with amazing floral prints motives. The style is very unique with symmetrical layers in the front and pink lace on the shoulder area.

Raissa has been styling me for quite a while.  She knows very well how I like my make up and hair done. She is also very creative in finding new looks.

So what she did was she first trimmed my bang  then created big soft curls for my hair to create volume. She picked the darkest eye make up color and eye liner. She did the tight line technique, one of my favorite. Then very pale pink lipstick to complete the look.

What do you think ?

Raissa has her own video channel in YouTube.  If you like it, subscribe to her to watch her  most updated make up and style videos.

Here’s my favorite video of her.



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